Wikibase Dashboard and Admin Panel

Wikibase Dashboard and Admin Panel

Configuring your Wikibase has never been this easy!

View statistics, create items, enable extensions, or change configuration with a click.

We are proud to announce the release of our new Wikibase administration experience.

You can configure your Wikibase via the new dedicated Wikibase tab in the MediaWiki admin panel. This tab acts like a Wikibase dashboard by providing statistics and quick links for administrators. You can enable our popular Wikibase extensions, configure your Wikibase string limits, or import settings with a single click.

Naturally, the MediaWiki admin panel is not limited to Wikibase configuration. You can also set your wiki name, language, theme, permissions, and more.

MediaWiki administrator dashboard

MediaWiki skin configuration

You can experience this new level of Wikibase administration experience exclusively via our Wikibase Cloud Hosting and our Dedicated Wikibase Hosting.

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